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Mike Meyers is a public relations and community relations leader as well as a church pastor. He is known as a calm and decisive leader, who can communicate and deliver. As a former government information officer with 20 years in public service, Meyers is known as a servant leader who uses storytelling, consistency and big picture examples to connect audiences. He states that his mission is to inspire pride, engagement, and advocacy for “the least of these.” Mike believes that “He who manages the information - manages the future.”
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Opinion: The Importance of September 12

Sept. 12 is probably one of the most important days in American history because of how we as a nation came together.

Opinion: As Augusta Turns

Michael Meyers speaks on homelessness in Augusta and other topics in his weekly column.

Opinion: The Vaccine Incentive and Columbia County Schools

Michael Meyers gives his take on the COVID-19 vaccine incentive and more.

Opinion: COVID-19 Not the Only Threat to Richmond County Schools

Probably like some of yours, my days seem to run together. I’m told that I need to do a better job of meeting deadlines. So,...

Opinion: Who’s Running, Who’s Not and What’s the Deal With Redistricting

Augusta lost its ranking as the second largest city in Georgia, though that depends on who you are talking to. That shouldn’t come as a...

Opinion: On Mask Mandates, Redistricting and the Judicial Split

When columns like mine exist, it’s extremely important to address the feedback you see in the comments and answer questions from time to time.  This...

Opinion: So Much to Talk About

There are so many things going on in Augusta, and I have no idea where to start, but as usual I have found a spot. I...

Opinion: It’s a Clean Audit

Let me start by congratulating the City of Augusta for another outstanding audit. I was informed this makes six straight years of impeccable financial status. The City...

Michael Meyers: Great Expectations

Let me start out by saying I received the kindest and sweetest note from Sylvia Cooper. She told me she heard me on The Augusta Press...

Opinion: Power Moves

I am starting this column off by highlighting one of the smartest political plays I have seen all year, which is Commissioner John Clarke nominating former...

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