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Mike Meyers is a public relations and community relations leader as well as a church pastor. He is known as a calm and decisive leader, who can communicate and deliver. As a former government information officer with 20 years in public service, Meyers is known as a servant leader who uses storytelling, consistency and big picture examples to connect audiences. He states that his mission is to inspire pride, engagement, and advocacy for “the least of these.” Mike believes that “He who manages the information - manages the future.”
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Opinion: SPLOST 8 Will Give a Better Quality of Life in Augusta

Those who live, work and visit Augusta would not be able to enjoy the same quality-of-life benefits we have were it not for the Special Purpose Local...

Public Should Weigh in on Augusta Commission Raises

The Augusta Commission proposed pay raise needs public debate.

Augusta Could Make Great Strides for the Homeless

Our community has many issues that are significant in nature, and one that is on the top of my list is homelessness. Certainly, in my...

Improving Schools is Necessary to Improving Community

If this was a perfect world and we could get rid of COVID-19, our children would be back in school -- or would they? The public...

Next Mayor Needs to be Progressive in Thinking

While most people in Augusta are truly over all elections, some of us are considering the future and the possible impacts of national appointments. Joe Biden winning the presidential...

Monuments Represent Shared History

If you want to talk about what enslaves us, it's not those monuments. I believe so often we get caught up in the moment that...

‘All of a Sudden’: Columbia County Wants Its Own Courts

Voters who live in the Augusta Judicial Circuit changed their history when they elected their judicial circuit’s first African-American district attorney in November.   Jared Williams’ bid...

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