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I was involved in a personal Bible Study recently and I decided to look up the word "worry" in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance to see how many times it might be used in the King James Version of the Bible.
This week Bro. Bill compares Good Friday with Black Friday. One is for the world; the other is for eternal life in the presence of God. 
Its November.  I love it when the days get shorter and the temperature goes down.  I really enjoy the golden leaves mixed in with...
This week Rev. Bill Harrell, addresses an interesting though on evolution verses creationism.
Reverend Bill Harrell speaks about Armistice Day and the impact of American influence on the world.
The Church has made a critical error it that it has gleefully chosen to cross pollinate itself with the world.  And, in doing so it has not passed along its best traits to the world but it has been tainted by worldly traits. 
Rev. Bill Harrell speaks on multiculturalism as a deterrent to faith revival.
Things have radically changed. The young people of today and for the past thirty years, have had to deal with a decaying and rotting societal situation.
The following series of thoughts might be a basis for a future sermon or they just might be good thoughts that the Lord has given me.
Whether Pastors want to admit it or not, about forty percent of the people attending worship services are doing so out of habit.
The Lord always looks after His own. At no time are we ever alone and at no time is the Lord unaware of what is going on in our lives.
I want to urge everyone who feels the impulse to enter the ministry and especially to preach the Gospel to make sure that the undergirding factor in that decision is the reality of “The Call.”
What causes people to think so backwards? It has to be a disorder for people to believe like they do. Here is why...
Everyone wants those things which can make them happy but they tend to neglect that which can make them complete.  People always want more out...
There is a generation which is rapidly passing into history.  It is the generation which remembers the United States of America as a country which...

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